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The wonderful thing about Facebook ads is that they don’t have to cost you as much as any other online ad (and definitely not as much as print and broadcast ads) and they are actually much move effective (that is, proven to have a much higher click through rate–how many people click on your ad).

Here’s how it works:

You decide:
1. How much money you want to put into the ad daily (Facebook will automatically stop showing your ad after you hit maximum for the day and pick up again the following day).
2. Whether you want to pay per click or pay per thousand impression (Try it both ways and see what works best for you. Every project is different.) More details on CPC and CPM here.
3. Who you want to see your ad.

This means that if you want to only spend $20 on your ad, at $2 per day for 10 days, and you want only a very specific group of people to see it, you could end up getting your ad in front of tens of thousands of exactly the sort of people who would buy your book.

Another thing you have to decide is whether you want the ad to be your book with a direct link to Amazon (where most people already have an account and are more likely to buy on the spot) or to link the ad to your Facebook Fan Page to increase brand awareness and build followers.

If you can afford to give a small amount of cash into experimenting with this, using different ads, different targets, etc., I say go for it. It’s probably the most effective ad tool out there.

Tip: I know it’s tempting to want to broaden your market, but trust me: make the audience of your ad as specific as you can to the point where you’re convinced that every person on the list will want your book. Facebook is helpful here by telling you how many people it will reach. If it says 15 people, then you’re being too specific. You can choose based on their interests, their location, age, gender, and occupation.

Tip: Instead of using your book cover, which will appear so tiny that it won’t be legible, why not go for a more enticing and detailed graphic? Pick something that would be irresistible to the type of people who would like your book.

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