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Why should I blog?

Blogging allows you to provide your readers with additional content, which is pretty much expected of you in the modern world. It also gives your website good SEO because you are linking back to it and (if you embed the blog onto your website) you are creating dynamic (changing) content for your website.

How do I set up a blog?

Find a blogging platform you like, such as Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad. I recommend WordPress because although Blogger is the most user-friendly blogging platform, WordPress is the most robust. But find what works for you.

Let’s say you choose WordPress. Go to, click sign up, and enter your information. Once you are signed up, you can create a blog. You will want to both customize the look of the blog by choosing themes and widgets for your sidebar and start posting content. (Don’t forget to come up with a plan before you start posting!). After you have about six or seven posts up there, you should start telling people about the blog (If you do so too early, they will visit your blog, see that there’s not much there, and leave).

How should I populate my blog with content?

A good rule of thumb is about 300 words. Don’t forget, use photos, videos, and links to make your posts more engaging. Ask the readers questions, encouraging them to leave comments. Here’s a post on brainstorming ideas. How often you blog is up to you. The trick is to BE CONSISTENT. Look at other people’s blogs, of any topic. This will help you get ideas.

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