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First, notice that this is the Table of Contents. You can always get back to it by clicking on “Table of Contents” under that witty Douglas Adams quote at the top. Second, notice theĀ categories on the left. If you click “Blog,” for example, you will see only the posts about blogging. That may be more helpful for you than just reading the blog in a random order.

You’re going to have fun with social media. Cut out the middleman of the reviewers and the media. Talk directly to your audience, your fans! And get immediate feedback. Just remember, first find your goal: what do you want to say to your fans? Then plan a strategy: how do you want to say it, on what platforms, and how often? And finally create great content that’s as fun for you to create as it is for your readers to read.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Read this first

2. General Comments about Social Media

3. Website

4. e-Newsletters

5. Blog and Blog Tours

6. Facebook

7. Twitter

8. Video

9. Podcast

10. Misc.
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