Blog Carnival

I’ll be upfront. I’m new to this idea. But so far, I think it’s brilliant. The idea is blog carnivals, which you can learn more about at

It works like this. Let’s say that you and Bob both have blogs about oil painting. Bob has decided to host a carnival about different painting techniques. He’s going to call it The Oil Painting Technique Carnival. Over the course of the next month, people who have blog posts about oil painting techniques are going to submit their posts to him. Let’s say you did a post back in June about a new technique that you learned about, and you submit yours to him as well. Bob is going to pick the handful of best posts of the month and put them in a post on his blog. His post will be a bunch of links with some descriptions of why these posts are good. And you can take a sampling of the internet’s best oil painting technique posts by browsing the links Bob has picked out for you. Hopefully your link made the cut! Next month, Bob will do the same thing and pick some new articles that people send his way.

For an example of what a post would look like, here is a carnival edition that someone did about audio. The carnival is about creating audio, whereas the entire blog is about using your software, so the blog doesn’t have to be the same topic as the carnival. The carnival can be a subset of the topic. For example, let’s say you want to create your own carnival now. You’ve got a blog about live music/concerts. Your carnival doesn’t have to be so broad as to ask people for entries about concerts in general. You could ask people for articles about concerts in New York City. Then, each month, you’d ask for more articles about concerts in NYC.

There are also traveling carnivals. Maybe you and Bob team up with Jenn and Phil, who each have their own painting blogs. In March, Bob posted his carnival edition about oil painting techniques. In April, you post another carnival edition about oil painting techniques on your own blog. May, Jenn hosts a carnival edition about oil painting techniques on her painting site. June, Phil does on his.

This is still new to me, but I think it’s absolutely brilliant.