Warning: A Community Page on Facebook is different from a Fan Page (aka Official Page) and different from your Profile Page and different from a Facebook Group.

A Profile Page is the profile of yourself as a person that you automatically get when you join Facebook.
A Fan Page (aka Official Page) is a manmade page for a business, brand, celebrity, etc. that was created by the person who is actually in charge of that business, brand, or celebrity in real life.
A Group is a manmade page for absolutely anything you want from “I hate purple Skittles” to one about your favorite celebrity even though you’re not that celebrity or publicist.

A Community Page is not manmade. It is generated automatically from two things: Wikipedia and posts that other people have made. For example this is a community page. There are three subpages (look under the photo): Profile, Related Posts, and Wikipedia.

The Profile subpage is simply a little piece of the Wikipedia entry and a little piece of the Related Posts page. The Wikipedia subpage just automatically feeds whatever is on Wikipedia about that topic right here onto Facebook. The related posts is just an aggregate of posts based on a keyword search for that topic.

To change what’s written here, you have to change it over on Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia maintained by the masses, you have the right to do this as long as it’s accurate (There are people who work at Wikipedia who will delete anything that can’t be backed by evidence and sources).

If you happen to own this topic, say you’re the producer of this TV show that the page is about, you have the option of clicking “Is  this your page” at the bottom.