How do you use video with social media for your book. Should you use video?

The short answer is don’t use video for the sake of using video. But video is a massively growing online medium. In fact, it’s one of very few activities online that’s gone up over the last year. So if you feel that your book lends itself to video, then use it. But! Make sure what you’re putting out is decent quality. It’s better to put out no video at all than video that’s going to turn your readers away and make you less of a credible source.

Things to use video for:

  • A book trailer. This is essentially a movie trailer, but for your book. There are many ways to go about it. One way is to get actors and shoot it like a movie trailer such as with Guillermo Del Toro’s book The Strain. Or use stock footage or photos like Guitar World.
  • Interviews. If your book was compiled from interviewing people, you can use any video that you took as a special feature.
  • Welcome. Maybe you want to have a short clip on the homepage of your website welcoming your readers and telling people a little about your book and your site. Don’t make it much longer than a minute though–you want them to actually get into the site and look around.
  • Instructional. Is your book a how-to or self-help? Show the readers how to do one of the things from the book.
  • Interact with the text. See my post on Interactive Books to get some ideas of how to make your video a part of your book.

Things you will need:

  • A video camera or webcam (most laptops these days come with a webcam)
  • Video editing software. I like Sony Vegas, but whatever floats your boat. Your computer probably comes with one like Windows MovieMaker, for example.
  • A YouTube account. Or if not YouTube, then your own server, Facebook, or other video site like Vimeo.

Where to put your video:

  • Your website
  • Your Facebook Fan Page (you can upload it directly to Facebook or link to it on YouTube. You can also embed it on one of your tabs by using the FBML code found here.
  • Your blog

Here’s a great blog post that gives you lots of ideas:
Social Media Examiner