Let’s get the creative juices flowing. So you’ve got the cookie cutter stuff–the frequent posts to your Facebook wall, the regular posts to your blog, the incessant tweeting. But everybody does that. How can your voice be heard? 

photo by S. Schleicher


Let’s break it down to the most simple question: What makes your product (your book, your genre, your topic, your character, whatever is the most unique) unlike every other book out there? Got that figured out? Now what does that unique thing have to offer that no other book can? And if you don’t know that, then you don’t know why your book should even be bought, so you need to go back to basics and figure out what your book is bringing to the world in the first place. 

I’m going to assume that you have that figured out. Now start brainstorming to get to ONE fun thing that you can give to the web world. Is it a funny Old Spice spokesman? Is it giving your readers some kind of internet fame? Do you let them show off their talent in some way? Or do you help one of them directly? Do you give them something for free? Social Media Examiner talks about how to create a Facebook Experience. This is a great article to give you insight on how to connect to your fanbase in unique ways. 

Once you have your one idea and you’ve launched it on the world, let that simmer a little, check your responses. This is a learning experience. By the time you get your next brilliant idea, you’ll know how to tweak it to make it better.