So you’ve made your blog. You have some ideas. But how are you going to be able to blog consistently for months in a row? Here’s some ideas to get you started, but please think beyond this list.

You may want to come up with a schedule or at least a large list of topics to blog on. Or you may want to wing it–write whatever you feel like in the spur of the moment. It depends on what kind of writer you are. But try to give it variety.

  • Post excerpts  from your book, but don’t give your whole book away
  • Include good content that got left on the cutting room floor when your book was edited
  • Interview people in your field
  • Answer questions from your readers on the blog (without corrupting privacy barriers)
  • Post any news or information related to your field
  • Host a contest or give-away
  • Have a weekly gimmick like “Question Friday” where you ask your readers to post answers to questions in the comments
  • Your opinion on something related to your field
  • An insight into the writing/publishing world
  • Any events that you will be or have attended

Remember, you’re not just an expert on your book–you’re an expert in your field.

Example: Literary agent Nathan Bransford’s blog has great variety of posts.