Kick off your blog tour with a party!

  Just like a live book tour, you can have a big event online to celebrate the release of your book. How do you hold a party online? A virtual book launch party can take all forms. It’s highly customizable and rich with multimedia. It’s not for authors who want to sit back and wait for the dough to roll it. It’s active and interactive. And it’s a lot of fun. 

First you will need a place to post all the information about your tour. This might be a post on your blog. This might be a tab on your Facebook Fan Page. This might be a page on your website. It might be all three. Here is where you want to send people whenever you want to inform them about your party. It should include all the events taking place at the book launch and what day and time it’s occurring. You can even add an RSVP if you want to get an idea of how many people will be involved. 

So what in the world do you do at a digital book launch party? Well, it really depends on your book. Be creative in thinking of what this audience will want most from you. Here are some ideas that other authors have used: 

  • Live video chat: Blogtalkradio allows you to be on video answering questions while your fans are typing to you in the attached chat box.
  • A printable cut-out game (cards, board, etc.) based on the adventure in the book
  • Printable posters, cards, activity book, etc. to include in a gift bag
  • A free download of the e-book (or just an excerpt)
  • An audio or video of the author reading from the book
  • TV interview clips
  • Live Twitter chat in Q&A form
  • Live Twitter scavenger hunt (using clues to locations of thing online) — don’t forget to offer prizes to winners
  • Live webinar teaching something the book is based on
  • Be creative. This is a platform just taking off. Be part of the new movement!


Good examples:
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon book launch (kids book)
Lessons to My Children book launch (finance book) 

Useful link:
Virtual Book Launch Parties (Book Marketing Maven)