Build Your FB Wall


So, you’ve set up your new Facebook Fan Page. Way to go. But there are all these – to your Fan Page marked as tabs. What are they? I have a separate post for teaching you how to add new custom tabs and what those tabs should be. This post is an introduction

By default, you get these tabs: Wall, Info, Photos, and Discussions, with the option of adding Links, Events, Notes, and Video by clicking on the + tab and choosing the additional tabs you like. (But you can create custom tabs which I’ll get to in another post.)

. Tip: Make sure your URLs in your page description are complete (with http:// and all so that your links are live and people can click on them and not have to copy-paste.


The Wall is where most of the action happens. It’s where your fans will land when they go to your Fan Page. You can post any announcements complete with text, photos, links, videos, or events. It’s best to add something to the wall at least once or twice a week. It’s like a mini blog or a twitter account. You can post links to reviews, tell people about contests and excerpts, things like that. Unlike Twitter, it’s not the best platform to dish out random bits of information on how you’re doing with your book etc. Think of it as the News page of your website.

Note: If you click “Options” under the Share button, you can decide if you want the default for everyone to only see what you’ve written, only what fans have written, or what you and fans have written. My suggestion is that if you don’t have a lot of activity from your fans on the wall, choose to have both you and fans. If you do have a lot of activity and your important posts are getting lost in the discussions, then choose just you. Fans can view any of these options–this is just to set up the default.

The questions the info asks you varies on what kind of page you chose. You probably chose something like product or brand. It’s important to fill out the information here, but isn’t terribly useful because it’s not customizable.

Definitely upload some photos if you have them. Do your book covers, photos of events, author photos, etc. You can create separate albums if you’d like to stay organized.

To be honest, most of the discussions are going to happen on your wall. But if you want to create organized discussions like a message board, the discussion tab is a good place to start. You can post a few discussions there and announce to the Wall that they’re there. Maybe you’ll get some bites. Questions might be: What’s your favorite book? or Who’s your favorite character in my novel? or Has anything like xyz (that happens to my main character) happened to you?

Links are a great way to share any relevant links like other book blogs, references where you got your research, useful online writer tools, and of course your own links like your website and blog. Some links will be added automatically as you share them on your Wall.

A great way, aside from, to post events online is the Facebook Events. You can create one as yourself or as the moderator for your Fan Page. If you create one here on your Fan Page, it will post to your Fan Page Wall automatically, and you have the option of “updating” your fans, which will send them a message. Your events can be bookstore readings, radio interview broadcasts, etc. Some people also might want to use this feature to include stops on their blog tour. It lets you put in a photo (your book cover is a good idea), date, time, location, and description. You can also personalize invitations to your Facebook friends.

This might be a post that’s a little longer than the character limit on your Wall. Maybe you want to copy one of your blog posts here. Look at Simon & Schuster Careers to see what they’ve done with Notes. You can also tag friends in notes so that they get personal messages to let them know that a note has been published on a topic that may interest them.

Personally, I don’t care for the video tab because I believe that means you have to upload your video to Facebook, which you’re welcome to do. Alternatively, you could create a custom video page which allows you to embed a video you uploaded from YouTube. Then you can put the videos where you want on the page, add photos, text, etc. along with the videos to make it look nice. I will talk about custom pages in the next post.